Production Design Showreel

A Production Design showreel showing a collection of my work from 2017.

Drama Showreel 2

A showreel of my films from 2014. 


  • Shadow of June (written & directed)
  • Letters to Sarah (directed)
  • Blood (written & directed)
  • DANTON (written & directed)
  • The Hunt (directed)

Music videos

Arjun "Frozen"

Arjun's music video Frozen which Alex was Prodeuction Designer for. +100,00 views.

Arjun " Can't Forget you"

Arjun's music video "Can't Forget you" which Alex was Production Designer for. + 6 Million Views.

PropheC " Lost"

PropheC's music video "Lost" which Alex was Production Designer for. + 300,000 Views.

Jacko "Give My Love a Brand New Name"

Jacko's music video "Give my Love  brand New Name" which Alex was Production Designer for. Screened and press release at Natural Histroy Museum.


Kicking Off

Feature Film. The beautiful game just got ugly. Released on DVD from 25th April, 2016, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.


Short film Alexander was Art Director on for Pick-ups.

Published dramas


A commercial produced to advertise Natalie Bailey's latest make-up design: A WW1 veteran. Budget: £50

Synopsis: years after the end of the Great War, a veteran looks through his memories and remembers his past with nostalgic sadness. Time and scars have withered his face and stolen his wife.

The Spaniard

No script no shot list. A small crew and cast went to Soho London and made some short films with ideas spawned on the spot. Starring Amy Waugh and Beatriz Delgado Mena.


A risky story where everything hindges on a simple game of Risk.

The Hunt

Two grotesque men go on an unconventional hunting trip.


Flash for Cash

Floyd Robinson is not your average body building man. During the day he weight lifts, but when night comes he strips.


Set Design & Make-up time lapse

A timelapse of the set, make-up, costume design and application. BOX was completed on an budget of £350.

Indiegogo campaign bloopers

A selection of our most embarrassing mistakes, which just leaves us cringing...

Indiegogo campaign

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