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Alexander Jones Nash

Writer / Director / Production designer

Alexander is an ambitious young Production Designer. He specilises in Visualisation, concept development and set construction. Working with a very talented Art Department team, Alex has Production Designed music videos for the muscician, Arjun, which have amounted more than 6 million views. He has Art Directed for Channel 5 reconstruction documentary 'Hijacked" and in 2016 he directed his music video debut, 'New Dimensions' compsed by Nave, which will be released later in the year.

Alex plans to follow his dream of becoming a film/TV director who specilises in Production Design.

Caroline Landry

Art Director / Production Designer

Having worked with Alex on many productions including, Ajun's "Can't forget me", they have achieved large set constructions including building a rainforst with a pond. As a Production designer and Art Director Caroline specilises in prop making and has designed and construced props for feature films such as "Rancour" and TV broadcast commercials. 

Caroline plans to follow her dream of running her own prophire and construction company.

Alexander Jones Nash is the owner and creative director of 'Little Man Big Voice'.

Little Man Big Voice Productions is a small production company representing good quality independent productions. Comprising of a guild of professionals from a variety of discplines, LMBV provides production services for companies and individuals looking to produce quality media ranging from corporate advertisments to feature length films and documentaries.

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